About Us Rattan Mallets High Quality, Perfect Rattan, Rattan Percussion Mallet, Rattan Shaft Mallets,  Rattan Shaft We sell rattan percussion, with high quality. Has been expert in this jobs since 1997 ago. Main markets to usa.and europe. Have been used many mallets makers On the world. www.rattanshaft.com

www.rattanpercussionmallets.com  is a design and export-company and serves as an internet medium for the business to business community and inquiries related to high volume  black bamboo product and other garden accessories,  Pandanus Grass and also Other Nature Fibers and general craft products - handicrafts made in our industry in Java from natural and sustainable resources found in abundance in Indonesia.


We produce  Bamboo Fencing such as Black bamboo and Natural Bamboo fence and bamboo furniture and also bamboo crafts for garden accessories. We also exporting mosaic crafts like photo frames - mirrors - giftware - tableware - bowls - placemats - coasters general home ware & handicrafts for use and also decoration.

Our Rattan walking stick and other rattan 

crafts are producing in our factory in Cirebon West Java where we create a quality rattan from our resources in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi become a beautiful rattan crafts and furniture.

For  Furniture wholesaler we provide professional agency service to search recycled wood and legal wood for indoor and outdoor with our International Export Certificate to export LEGAL WOOD.

We are capable of serving the high-end and high volume market as well as individual retail outlets, albeit minimum orders for our products do apply, please visit www.dekorasia.com ,www.blackbamboo.co.id, www.rattanstick.com for more detail information.


ALL of our man power are fully Insurance Covered for Health ( Include the family members), Accident and Pension Cover .

Child LaborPolicy : We are strictly not working with any child under 17 YO, Dekor Asia is a company who applied Fair trade and child labor is strictly not a loud to work with our company or our Fairtrade Partners. 


We supply small, medium and Large Company Such as IKEA, so we are able to work mass production beside small quantity for retailer or wholesaler.

We have designed, made and exported these products since 1997 and all products are handmade and finished by skilled craftsmen. Our products are exported worldwide from Australia , Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, China and many more countries

Would you care to have your own designs created please inform us with specifics as we are able to supply you with custom-made designs provided you back up such requests with adequate volume. Sample, general and standard trading conditions do apply and are available upon your separate request.

Would you care to keep abreast of new product developments and releases please contact us.

We look forward to you entrusting your next order with PT. Dekor Asia Jayakarya – Yogyakarta Indonesia








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